Sunday, December 28, 2008

3 posts in 1 day!!

Eating with Aydann Christmas Day
Our Christmas family picture

Jordis opening her blue barbie

Elise opening her new sippy cup

Playing with their "puters" that Gma Eloise gave them

Jordis sitting nervously on Santa's lap

Kaitlyn, Jordis, & Elise

Jessi and Layla


Happy Birthday Ryan!

It's not the most recent picture but he sure looks good in it:) My husband is 27 today, he teases that next year when I turn 30 he will still be 27, but only for a month and a half. For his b-day I bought him the guitar hero for our new wii, he is playing it as I write this.

Happy Holidays

I figured it was a little to late to say Merry Christmas. We had a really busy Christmas like usual. Christmas Eve day the girls and I went to my mom's for the day to have Christmas with my side of the family since we were going to let the girls stay home for Christmas day this year. My mom bought the 4 little girls matching dresses that were dark green, they all looked so cute. We went to church after we ate, the whole time Elise wanted to go see "Baby Jeez" in the cradle at the front of church. After church my brother-in-law Richie was dressed up as santa for the kids. Jordis sat on his lap but Elise wouldn't. We headed back home to get the girls in bed to wake up for Santa presents in the morning. When they woke up they were more concerned about the stockings being off the entertainment center then anything. They opened all their presents and then Chelsea and I put all the toys together while Ryan cooked breakfast. Later we went to Justin and Amanda's for Christmas dinner, it was really good( rib). Friday we headed to Ryan's parents house and ended up staying until Sun becuase sat the road's were closed. We played our new Wii that his parents gave us and the kids ran around all sugared up from the candy and cookies. The last 5 days were fun but I will be glad to get back into a routine. I will post pictures tomorrow when I get them downloaded to my computer.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Amanda!!

I just wanted to wish Amanda a Happy Birthday. Sorry about the picture, it was the only one I had of you;)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pictures finally!

When the girls woke up today and saw all the snow, every other request was to go outside and play in the snow. Last year they didn't really enjoy the snow too much so I was wondering how this year was going to be. They loved it! They just couldn't understand why we couldn't make a snow man or make snow balls. Elise spent all her time eating the snow and catching snowflakes on her tongue while Jordis had a hard time making snow balls. She would go to throw it at me and it would end up in her face somehow. I am hoping if the Cottonwood ski course opens this year to bring them up there to get them lessons. They say the younger they are the easier it is for them to learn. As long as it isn't me teaching them I think it should be ok.
Yesterday we went see Santa at the Mall. I was prepared that the girls were going to throw and fit and not go anywhere near santa but I was surprised by them. Elise was chomping at the bit to see him. Luckily there was only a little baby in front of us because Elise kept saying "it's my turn" and "come here santa". They started off by just talking to him and then he just sat them in his lap and they chatted his ear off telling him all that they wanted. I am going to try to hook my scanner up so I can put the picture on here somehow. Stay tuned....

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pucking, pooping, shopping......

I thought that would get your attention! Last Thursday morning Jordis woke up at 3 am throwing up all over her bed. I took the first half of my day off to stay with her until Ryan got home. Friday was no better so I took the whole day off to do loads of laundry and sit with my sick child. Luckily Elise was really good at keeping herself entertained and helped me more than usual. Friday night and Sat morning looked promising since Jordis slept all the way through the night and woke up cheery. I met my M.I.L in Whinchester with the kids so they could spend the weekend with them and Ryan while I went shopping with my mom and sister. Well come to find out she wasn't quite over her "bug". Now it was coming out the other end:) Ryan ended up taking her into Valley medical to get checked out and like everything else it "has to run it's course". She did get an antibiotic for an ear infection but that wasn't associated with the puking and pooping. She is now back to her normal self and I think she is trying to make up for all the eating she missed out on by eating all the time. I was able to get most of my shopping done so that is a relief. I now just need to finish up a lot of projects that are all half done. Sorry I don't have any pictures to post, I haven't had the camera out much. I am hoping to take the girls to see santa this weekend so if they actually get near him I will post it.