Monday, July 6, 2009

Border Days 09

Papa Ray & his grand-daughters

Papa Ray & his grandsons

Cousin Reed & Jordis

I love these bows, I bought them from a lady walking down the street selling them out of her stroller!

Micaela, Elise, Dani, Jordis, Macenzie and Hailey

Picking up toys at the toy scramble

This past weekend we headed up to Grangeville for the annual Border Days celebration. We took in 2 of the parades and one rodeo. The girls really enjoyed playing with all thier cousins since this is the only time of the year that they are ALL together. I was hoping that the girls would stay awake for the fireworks this year but they only made it through our little display and then snoozed through the big ones. The really liked playing with the sparklers at my moms house Thursday night, Jordis kept trying to write her name. It's good to be home finally, I really need to give my house some attention in the cleaning department:)