Sunday, March 29, 2009

Almost 3 and 1/2

The girls are one month away from being 3 and half years old. They have changed so much in the last year. They are really into Barbie right now. They have about a dozen of the barbie movies(which some they know so well they can recite the songs and words), about that many dolls, and they like to dress up and pretend they are barbie. They are both potty trained!! No more weekly trips to Walmart to buy diapers. They are starting to write their letters and are learning their numbers. For some reason they want to know where we get everything. During dinner they will ask where we got the food, plates..... They can't wait for the weather to get nice so they can play outside and they really want to help me plant flowers this year. They are starting to understand time, they know that 9 o'clock is bedtime and that 6 is dinner time. It might get interesting once they know all their numbers and see them on a clock. That's about all that is up with the girls. Ryan has been busy helping his cousin replace his roof while we wait to get the permit so he can start the shop. I have been busy at work and have been going to the gym to get ready for this summer. Once we start on the shop I will be posting pictures of it. Stay tuned...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Funny things at Grandma's

Whenever we are at Grandma Eloise's the girls do the funniest things. In these pictures if you look closely to Elise's feet she is wearing the Cabbage Patch dolls shoes. She will put them on and walk all over the house. Of course only her toes fit in them so it's like she is wearing high heels. If you go over to my sister's blog she has pictures of Layla with a butter bucket on her head from being at G-ma's. Last night the girls were taking a bath in my mom's big jaccuzzi tub like always, so mom tried to convinced them to let her turn on the jets. Usually they are like cats scrambling when she even asks them to turn it on(they don't like the noise). Jordis was out of the tub but Elise was still in so she said to turn it on. The tub started fill up with bubbles so Jordis said she wanted back in. They loved the bubbles and loved smashing them between their hands. I so wish I had a video camera while they were doing this... Elise had some bubbles on her nose so she tried wiping them off with her hands but they were full of bubbles so it just put more bubbles on her face. She kept doing this over and over until she became so frustrated that I had to wipe it off with a dry rag. She just kept piling more and more bubbles on her face the more she tried to get them off. Mom and I were laughing so hard at her, but she didn't think it was very funny. So of course we told Jordis she had bubbles on her nose too to see what she would do. Well she somehow ended up with them in her mouth! She freaked out even worse than Elise. I will definetly bring the video camera in the next time.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sick kids....

This has been my life for the last week or so. It started off with Jordis coughing every morning and night, then a couple days later Elise started. Friday Jordis had a fever so I took them both in to get checked out. Jordis ended up having an ear infection but Elise didn't. Jordis is making a habid of sleeping with me since Friday, hopefully it stops soon. Luckily she is easier to sleep with than Elise, she cuddles while Elise kicks and moves alot. Today they both started getting goopy eyes, not sure if it is an eye infection or something more. I am staying home tomorrow with them so hopefully they will get over this soon. They aren't very photogenic since they have been sick so I haven't taken their 3 year 4 month picture yet.