Friday, September 21, 2007

At the Fair!

Tonight Ryan and I took the girls to the Nez Perce County Fair. The minute I walked through the gate super mom here remembered that I did not bring my camera. I have been looking forward to bringing the girls to the fair since last year and taking pictures of them. We still had a good time. The girls didn't care too much for the petting zoo. They were ok if we were holding them but the minute we would try to put them down they turned into spider monkeys and wouldn't let go of us. they really liked the fair food-corndogs, pop, and of course french fries. We can't go through any kind of drive thru without elise saying "french fry mommy". It's pretty embarassing at the coffee shops. We then took the girls over to the carnival. The only ride they were big enough for was the carasaul.(bad spelling) Jodis loved it and Elise didn't even sit on the horses. On the way back to the car they were both pointing at it and saying "horsie" which sounds like "pissy" when they say it. I really wish I had my camera for the look on Jordis' face when the horse started going up & down. She didn't want to get off it. Hopefully next year I will remember my camera, I don't really want to pay $5.50 again to go to the fair. The fresh air and excitement really wore them out, they went to bed very well tonight.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Check out my Slide Show!

What a retreat!

It's Monday and I'm back from my scrapbooking retreat. I had so much fun and got so much done this last weekend. I finished 60 pages in the twins albums and I am still "All caught Up". I thought I was going to have to change the name of my blog Friday because I still had a pretty full photo box but I managed to stay up late and get them done. My sister went with me this year and she worked on her wedding album. Cori's "crew" grew to 19 people this retreat. Only a couple years ago it was between 5-7 people. We had a wine tasting night this year which went over really well, a little too well for some people when you see the pictures. I don't have anymore pictures to srap but I am already excited for the next one. I but together a slide show of some of the pages I did, what the lodge looks like, and some of the friends that were there. I'm off to take a much needed nap while the girls are still sleeping.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Husband off hunting! Yeah!

For Ryan's week vacation this year he wanted to go hunting, so being the good wife that I am I let him go. But actually it benefits me more. Now I can get all the things done around the house that I want to and go to bed as late as I want to. It's amazing how clean the house stays when he is gone. You would think the girls would make the house dirty but I think it is him:) Well last week I had to make a little trip to Urgent Care at Valley Medical for three stitches. I cut skin off the top of my knuckle while cutting hair. Not fun! Since I hadn't had a tetnus shot since grade school I had one of those too. I'm still able to work and go to scrap camp. That was my main concern was that it would hinder me at the retreat but I am able to bend my finger now so all is good. Ryan was in a wedding this last weekend also. It was really pretty, the colors were all fall colors, browns, oranges, and creams. As always, Ryan looked great in his tux. It's amazing how a tux can make any guy look good:) This weekend the girls are spending thurs & fri with my mom and sat & sun with ryan's parents. I'm sure they will be good and spoiled when they come home. I'm including a picture from this last weekend. The bride is blowing bubbles for the girls.