Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

This was the girls' first official time trick or treating. Last year they were sick and we too young to care. We started off by going down town to my sisters salon and then over to Crop Paper Scissors. Then we were a little early to the fire station but luckily the girls' uncle Richie works there. Jordis sat up in one of the trucks but Elise wasn't too thrilled about it. Then the 3 of us went to the Veterans home. Once again we were early but the girls still got some treats and the veterans loved seeing the little "bumble bee and lady bug". Last we stopped at Cori's and then were home and eating dinner by 6:30! At home the girls could both say "Trick or treat" but of course out and about they wouldn't say it. Hopefully next year they will speak up more.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Twins turn 2!

On Monday, October 29 the twins turned 2 years old! I can't believe they are two already. I was excited last year for them to turn 1 but this year was harder, they are not babies anymore. One of their favorite presents they received was their magnadoodle they are playing with in the picture above. They also got horses that really walk and make sounds. They will pick them up if they are off but if they are walking they won't touch them. Barbie's were another favorite this year of theirs. Thank you to everyone that came to their parties and gave them gifts, we really appreciate it. Hopefully this next year won't go by so fast!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thursday, October 18, 2007

First Mug Shots

I had to write about this, it was too funny and made me realize that my girls are growing up way too fast. This morning I was balancing my check book on the computer while the girls were in the kitchen playing with the magnets on the dishwasher(I thought). Well I heard something like a pen cap hit the floor and the girls had been pretty quiet so I thought I should see what they were up to. They had pushed Jordis' highchair out from the wall and helped themselves to the sharpie markers on the table. They were writing on the back of the highchair and Jordis had about a 2 inch line started on the side of the table when I caught them. Of coarse I told them "no no" and sat them in time out but when I sat them down I noticed they each had a couple lines drawn on their face. It was all I could do to not laugh in front of them. So after timeout was done I decided to take their mug shot infront of the "crime scene". They don't look too upset in their pictures do they? I'll have to keep ALL pens and markers up high now!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Trip to Boise

This last weekend the girls, my mom and I went to Boise to my friend Maria's sons first birthday. This girls did awsome on the ride down. They slept until New Meadows and then watched Happy Feet the rest of the way. Friday night I decorated Caden's Tigger cake and then we went to the hotel. I didn't know how the girls would do sleeping in the hotel but they did great. Elise thought she had to sing everyone asleep but she eventually crashed. We did some power shopping on Saturday before the party. I wish I had more time because there were some really good sales going on. At the party the girls didn't really try to help open the presents but they sure wanted to play with them afterwards. Elise was a little possessive about the little firetruck that she could ride, whenever Caden came over to try to climb on it she would scream. The ride home went really well also. We had an extra passenger, Cori's son Andy missed his bus home earlier that morning so we gave him a lift. I think the girls liked him being in the back seat with them, they were flirting alot. Now I won't be so scared to take the girls out of town, so hopefully we'll be making more trips to Boise!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Kids to the strangest things

Can you believe it, Jordis and Elise are almost 2 years old! It's so fun watching them grow and learn how to do things. Lately they are trying to be independent and think they can do things they are not supposed to. They are quit frustrating lately also. They are so dramatic at times, the littlest things upset them and then the fit is on. Elise has mastered throwing herself on the floor face down and screaming. Jordis doesn't throw fits as much but she cries at the smallest things. She is pretty clumsy so she falls down alot which is usually followed by some crying. Back to them doing strange things. In the last couple weeks I have taken more pictures of them doing off the wall kid things. In one picture they are wearing Ryan's shorts, he was changing his clothes when Jordis tried to put on his shorts. Of course Elise wanted a pair on too. Another picture they are sitting on my mom's and my feet while we lift them up and down like horse ride, what a work out for us. Then one night while playing in their room they took all their toys out of their toy box and wanted to sit in it, so Ryan filled it back up with their toys, where's Jordis and Elise? The last picture they are sitting in a box that their diapers came in. Somehow they both fit! I can't imagine all the stuff they will do in the years to come, I just hope I have a camera to capture it all.