Sunday, July 27, 2008

Still no computer

As you can tell by my lack of posts, our computer is still being worked on. I am at my mom's house for the day so I decided to post since I don't know when I will be able to do it again. Last weekend we had a Benefit Poker Tournament for Ryan's friend Josh Burton(Burto) that was killed in a car accident the week before. We raised almost $2,500 between the poker tournament and a small silent auction that we had. We think the family is going to set up a scholarship fund with the money. I included a picture of the banner that was made by Odom and a fire ring donated by Gateway materials. Since then we haven't done a whole lot, I made a little 6x6 album for my mom of pictures from a family photo shoot we had before my dad passed away. I gave it to her for what would have been their 44th anniversary. Ryan and I are looking forward to our "adults only" weekend up river next weekend. We went to the beach yesterday and were able to get the girls to go into the water more. They willingly went in up to their waste without putting up a fuss and actually let us make them float a couple times. Hopefully next time I post I will have good pictures from out camping trip.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Playing catch up with pictures!

Ready for a long post?

Sorry it's been so long, our computer is being worked on so I have to rely on using my mom's or my sister's computer. So much has happened since my last post, I will start at the beginning. Both girls had a day(2 for Jordis) that they were throwing up, both managed to do it in their car seats, not a fun thing to clean up. Luckily Ryan and I did not get it because we had a busy week ahead of us. Friday, June 27 a couple of us girls threw a surprise birthday party for our good friend Cori, which was a blast. The next morning at 7 am I did hair for a wedding up the river at Beamer's, thank god for Chasers anti hangover pills. The next day I threw a baby shower for my sister, she received lots of really neat things. The next weekend was Border Days in G-ville and my 10 year reunion. Unfortunately I didn't bring my camera to the dinner so I don't have any good pictures of it. Like any 10 year reunion, everyone was curious to see what everyone was doing and what they looked like no compared to in highschool. Of course I noticed that all the girls' hair was shorter but one. In the mean time we had our lawn hydroseeded and it is coming so nice and thick, hopefully it will stay that way with our water being restricted now. Unfortunately last week Ryan lost a good friend of his to a car accident in Waha, the funeral is Thurdsday at 2 pm at the Valley View Christian center for any of you that knew Josh Burton. Ryan is busy trying to organize a benefit poker party to raise money for josh's family, it will be this coming sat. We finally got carpet put in ryan's room down stair's so we washed everything that has been piled up since the basement flooded and put back where it belongs. Finally things are starting to come together, we have a front yard and basement that we can enjoy. We are now looking forward to our annual couples camping trip that we do up river with some friends of ours. Hopefully it won't be so long before I post again.