Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Girls are 2 & 1/2!!!

Elise Rayn Aiken
Jordis Hailey Aiken

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Vacation continued....

Elise with cousins Dani, & Reed /////Baby Zane

Jordis feeding a calf///// Elise & Uncle Ray, Cousin Reed

Well for the second half of our trip we went to Carey, ID to see Ryan's brother Ray, his wife Jennifer and kids Dani, Reed, and Zane. We haven't seen them since July of last year and Zane is already 5 months old so we needed to go see them. Ray works on a ranch that they do what you would call "Buckaroo style" ranching. They do everything from horse back. Ryan spent tues and wed working with Ray and loved it. But he didn't ride a horse, it hurts his knees to bad so he rode the 4 wheeler. Jennifer and I took the kids to Twin Falls to do a little shopping and then went out to the ranch. The girls were able to help feed the bottle fed calves. Elise was too scared to be down in the pen so she didn't get to hold a bottle but Jordis was so excited that she fed a calf by herself and went up to one to pet it. She almost got kicked by another calf but luckily was too far away. I had a really relaxing time with Jennifer and the kids at their house. We have been sister-in-laws for 3 1/2 years but haven't really had any one on one time so this was nice getting to know her better. They are also going to be moving into a brand new house that was built for them by Ray's company that he works for. They aren't quit done but it looks so nice and big.(They live in a small 2 bedroom house right now) We are home and settled back in now, Ryan is off to a bow shoot tomorrow while the girls and I spend some time with my mom. If it is warm enough I am hoping to work in my garden tomorrow.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Vacation update

For those of you that may not know Ryan and I took the girls on a little vacation this weekend until Thurs. We started off by heading to Boise to spend the weekend with my best friend in Boise and her husband and son. Maria and I wanted to take the kids to the zoo but it was too windy so we decided to take them to the library. It was pretty neat, it had puzzles, books, puppets and other educational toys. We couldn't think of anything else for toddlers to do that was indoors. After that we just hung out at her house and let the kids play. Jordis was looking a little under the weather after they got up from their nap and just didn't get any better. She was running a temp of 100 and just wanted to be held. I decided to sleep downstairs with her since it was much cooler to try to make her temp go down. Finally at about 2 am she was saying "It hurts" over and over so Maria and I took her to the emergancy room because we thought she might have a UTI. After dealing with a rude nurse we got a really nice one and a good doctor to look a her. It ended up that she has a double ear infection so she has antibiotics and they are going to call with test results about the UTI. They said from the first tests they ran she doesn't have one but they are going to run more intense test to make sure. So tomorrow we are planning on going to Ryan's brothers house in Carey ID. We are praying that Jordis wakes up herself in the morning so we can still go see them. I'll post about the second part of our trip when I get back.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

We finally have a window!!

After waiting 5 weeks for the window to come in, we finally were able to finish putting it in. Ryan started remodeling his "man's land" room down stairs in January and was able to get the ceiling and 3 walls finished. We then had to wait until this stupid window came in to finish the rest. We now can get rid of the huge dirt pile in our front yard from the hole dug for the window well. Hopefully we will still be able to get the sprinkler system done and lawn hydroseeded before it hits 100 degrees. For anyone that is planning on putting an egress window in their basement themselves the window well is more expensive than the window itself. I knew it was going to be big to be up to code but this is huge, now we have to buy a metal grate to put over it because it is right next to the front sidewalk leading to our front door. Wouldn't want a law suit for some little kid or drunk adult falling in the window well:) Hopefully soon I will be able to post pictures of our front yard completed.

Monday, April 14, 2008

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Weekend recap

Well we started off our weekend by going to the Frei's house to play a little Wii for Denis's birthday. I kicked butt in bowling and didn't do too bad at boxing either. Sat morning my arm was sore from the boxing, it's quit a workout. Sat we had Ryan's nephew Kayden's 2nd birthday party up in G-ville. The girls played outside all day and the whole next morning. I didn't realize until we got home how much sun they actually got. Their poor little faces are really pink today. The girls jumped on the trampoline for the first time and loved it. It makes me nervous with all the kids up there with them, but we had a couple adults around the edges to keep falls to a minimum. Their twin cousins got a blow up castle a couple years ago so that was set up also for the kids to play in. Jordis loved it but Elise wouldn't even get into it (and she is usually my little daredevil). When we got home yesterday we played outside even more while daddy did some yard work. Looking outside, I think this weekend was just another teaser because it's pretty gloomy again.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Feeding the ducks

Last Sunday Ryan and I took the girls down to the pong to feed the ducks. Usually Jordis is our little animal lover and wants to pet every animal she sees but this day she wanted to be up off the ground. We really had to watch Elise because she kept trying to feed the geese out of her hands. As you can see in the picture Jordis has her legs wrapped completely around me so none of the birds could get her feet.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

New swingset!!

For Christmas and the girls' birthday, grandma Eloise bought them a Costco cedar swingset. This last week Ryan and various helpers have been setting it up and moving peagravel into the play area. I am so proud of Ryan, he started and completed this project in less than a week! I took the girls outside this afternoon when it was all done to check it out. Right when Elise saw it she said "Wow, look mommy!" They played on it for well over an hour. I was a little leary about them climbing up it but they figured it out and cruised down the slide. This will hopefully keep them content while I try to put in a garden this year. Slowly all of our projects are starting to come together and get done, hopefully I will have grass in my front yard before summer. Thank you to all that helped us this week(most guys don't read this so if your husband or son helped us tell them I greatly appreciate it).

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Baby Fever

It seems like everyone is having babies this month!! Baby Jaxon Whittaker Long finally decided to join the outside world today after putting his mommy through about a week of labor. The girls and I went down to see him this evening after I got off work. Amanda looks great, but after only two pushes it doesn't surprise me. (She will probably be wearing her regular jeans home too!) Aydann is very protective of her new little brother, she kept reminding my girls that he was "her baby". There are pictures posted on Amanda's blog(just click on her name on the right side of my blog and it will take you there). More exciting news....I am going to have a new baby niece in August. My sister found out yesterday that she is having a girl, that makes 6 biological granddaughters for my mom! Hopefully someday she will get a boy out of someone.