Friday, November 23, 2007


Yes, I am one of those insane people that get up before the crack of dawn to stand in line for things that probably aren't that good of a sale once you sit down and think about it. My friend's Maria, Stephanie, Amanda and myself were at JCPenny's at 3:15 am this morning. I didn't really have anything I needed there but I found some clothes for Ryan and got my free snow globe. We then went to Walmart, talk about crazy people. Once those doors open it's like cattle moving. The people that got carts outside were stuck outside because the people without carts were dashing between cars and butting infront of everyone to get in first. Once you are in there and realize there is a huge pile of that "certain present" you were after you wonder why you too rushed through the store like a mad woman. We finished up and Walmart and hit Kmart and Walgreens right as they opened. We were sitting down to eat breakfast at Waffles n' More at 8 am and were wondering if we should order breakfast or lunch since we had been up so long. Once we got back to my house we all looked like we had been out partying all night, and wanted a much needed nap. I will probably go out again next year but I might reconsided going to Penny's at 3 am! That is just way to early for me, I am wiped out. I am officially done buying presents for this year. Yeah!!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Fun kind of tag

to know more about you....
Yourself: organized, likes things my way
Your partner: laid back, life of the party:)
Your hair:Brown/red with blong highlites
Your mother: loving, caring, a great help with my girls, a best friend
Your father: not here, but always in my heart
Your favorite item:
Your dream last night: watched a little girl fall off a ledge onto a basketball court but couldn't reach her in time-( kind of creepy)
Your favorite drink: pepsi
Your dream car: A new Tahoe
Dream home: bigger, no basement, a cleaning lady and lawn boy:)
The room you are in: Living room
Your fear: anything bad happening to my kids
Where you want to be in 10 years: Not living paycheck to paycheck
Who you hung out with last night: My family-ryan, elise and jordis
You’re not: a leader
One of your wish list items: unlimited scrapbook stuff
The last thing you did: changed the girls clothes
You are wearing: grey flannel pants and maroon t-shirt
Your favorite weather: cool fall mornings with warm afternoons
Your favorite book: haven't been able to read one in a long time
Last thing you ate: fruit loops
Your life: lately works a little slow but we are busy as a family
Your mood: undecided, it's too early
Your best friend: Christel
What are you thinking about right now: what to do for my beverage recipe cards, it's driving me crazy
Your car:grey 2001 tahoe
What are you doing at the moment: checking blogs and emails
Relationship status: married 3 years to Ryan
What is on your t.v:Clifford the Big Red Dog
When is the last time you laughed: at the girls this morning