Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fall Update...

So like everyone else, I have neglected my blog. For those of you that aren't my friend on face book here is a little of what has been going on in the last month or two. The girls started taking dance lessons at Footnotes with their cousin Aydann. They absolutely love going to dance class, they come home and show us what they have learned. For Labor Day weekend the girls and I went with my brother Ron and his daughter Jessi camping. We joined the Leiterman's, Frei's, Weeks', Bremer's and Heimgartners at Newsome Creek. The girls really enjoyed going on the 4wheeler ride and then riding the kids 4wheelers around camp. We were caught in a hail/rain storm on the ride back and did great. The next weekend we went to the round up parade to see all the horses and pretty princesses. Elise fell and spent the next hour holding her hands up in the air and saying she couldn't pick up candy because she was hurt. Ryan has been archery hunting every weekend in September so it has been just the girls and I on the weekends so we have been having lots of Tea Parties. It started out because I didn't want to go into Taco Time to eat so I suggested that we bring our food home and have a tea party with it. Well the next morning the wanted their breakfast there and every meal after that. Once Ryan comes home they know that we have to put the table away and eat in the kitchen until he goes hunting again. This last wednesday he shot his first elk with his bow and was very excited. The girls thought they would be able to see it as a "whole elk" when he got home and were confused when he actually showed it to them. I think Jordis will be our little hunter because she was asking all kinds of question about it hanging in our neighbors fridge while Elise hid behind the door. This weekend we headed to the Nez Perce county fair to see if the girls would ride any of the rides. To our suprise they did and loved it. We started off on a calm ride and ended with the Dragon roller coaster. Elise usually doesn't like doing things that she doesn't have control over so I was a learing that she would actually stay on the ride. I think it helped that she had Jordis next to her to make her "brave". Jordis on the other hand wanted to ride big things like the octopus and zipper, she is going to be my dare devil. She even put her hands up in the air and was sreaming with the other kids. I have been busy canning salsa with vegetables from our garden and canned a couple quarts of pickles. Work was really busy in August so it has been a little slow this month, but it will be picking up again since the holidays aren't that far off. Hopefully my next post won't be quite so far away.

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