Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Playing doctor

Elise is giving Serafina a shot
Here she is taking her temperature...

Checking her heart....

Looking in her ears...

And then Jordis gives her a drink from the doll baby bottle.

This morning I caught the girls playing"doctor" with Jordis' kitten Serafina. Thank goodness Serafina is so mellow and will let them do pretty much anything to her, she just lays there and takes it:) Elise's kitten Wolfie on the other hand is just like her, she doesn't sit still for anything and would rather be running around or playing in the girls' toys than let them do anything to her. They kittens personalities are a perfect match for the girls', Jordis just wants Serafina to lay with her and read a book or watch tv while Elise likes her kitten but would rather play barbies or do something else. As I am typing this Jordis is trying to put a doll's pair of pants on her kitten and Serafina is letting her!

Our summer has been very busy...I made a trip to Boise to see my friend Maria and her new baby girl, the girls have been going to the Childrens Matinee movies on mondays and have been to numerous birthday parties and to the aquatic center a couple times. Ryan has been working on finishing the shop he started to build this spring, we should have electricity to it by this weekend so all that is left is digging and hooking up the sewer line. Archery hunting season starts pretty soon so he will be busy with that the whole month of september. I have been busy in my garden and now have started canning some of my produce. I was hoping things would slow down but it doesn't look like it will anytime soon.

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