Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The new kittens have arrived

Monday I got the call that the girls' kittens were ready to go to their new home. So we headed to Walmart to pick up a couple things that we didn't have and then after the girls napped we went to pick them up. The whole way home Wolfie was whining and the girls were trying to comfort her by saying"Oh, it's all right, we are almost to your new home". The first night I don't think the kittens touched the floor, especially Jordis' kitten. She wants to pack her everywhere and wants her to just sit and watch tv with her. Elise is a little more distracted and tends to lose her kitten. The kittens personalities match the girls' very well, Jordis and Serafina are both content to just sit and be held where Elise and Wolfie want to get down and run or play. The kittens are awesome so far at using their litter box and don't whine at all in the night. I think this will be a good thing after all.
The other picture is of the girls and Misty Dawn Taylor, 2002 Miss Idaho. We went to the theater in Grangeville where she sang disney songs and there was a slide show of the disney characters she was singing. The girls were able to where her crowns and get their picture taken with her. She used to sing on a Disney cruise ship and actually graduated from Grangeville with Ryan so it was pretty neat.
I'm sure I will have lots more pictures of the girls and their kittens to come.

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